About Us

Bay Cars Sales and Rentals have been selling cars out of Saginaw, Michigan for 25 years. For the last 13 years, however, we have been renting different types of vehicles for various occasions and events as well. We have a variety of vehicles to choose from when looking to rent or buy.

Since we’re not a franchise rental company, we are very flexible and affordable compared to most rentals throughout the Tri-Cities area. Our goal is to help you out when you need us most. Whether it’s an emergency or just an inquiry, when you call our office, you will hear a real person on the other end not just a recording.

We are conveniently located in Saginaw, Michigan, close to Saginaw Valley State University and the shopping malls. If your car or truck breaks down while in the area, call us and we will be able to deliver a vehicle right to you. Additionally, if you need suggestions on local auto repair shops, we are able to guide you to someone trustworthy and reliable.

Another great thing about our business is that we have a wide selection of vehicles for sale. We believe the presentation and quality of our vehicles will speak for themselves. Bay Cars Sales and Rentals is a name and face you can trust and depend on. Night or day, our friendly and professional team is dedicated to helping you out with your next car rental or purchase.