Car Rental

If you are in the market for a car rental, stop by Bay Cars Rentals and Sales. We have the right car at the right price. Plus with us being a local business, you won’t have the hassle of all the corporate jargon or fine print to read before you sign.

Everything you need to know about our products and services are answered when you talk with us. If this is the first time you have rented a car, perhaps you have questions about what to expect. We can help answer those questions and more when you call or stop by our office.

Here are a few points for discussion:

  • How long will you need a car rental?
  • Who will be driving the vehicle?
  • What information is kept on file?
  • What type of vehicle is needed?
  • Are there any discounts available?
  • What happens when returning the vehicle earlier or later than the scheduled time?

These are just a few questions to keep in mind when talking with one of our associates. We are very flexible and understanding because we know life doesn’t always go according to plan. If something comes up and you’re not able to get the car rental back to us as scheduled, call and talk with us.

We understand how important reliable transportation is. That’s why when you rent one of our vehicles, you know you will receive a safe and high quality car rental. What are you waiting for, call or stop by today.