Low Cost Car Rental

You’re planning on visiting the Tri-Cities area and need a low cost car rental from a business you can trust but without any hassle. Who can you turn to? We have the answers and the car you’re looking for right here at Bay Cars Rentals and Sales.

The automotive industry is our livelihood and we take pride in providing you with a safe and reliable vehicle every time. We are also confident when we say you will find the right type of vehicle to suite your needs. There are many different options available to choose from, four-door sedans, mini-vans, cargo vans or SUVs. All of these vehicles will be a low cost car rental for you and your family during your visit.

Our rentals aren’t just for visitors though. If you are local and would like to plan a trip up to the Mackinaw Bridge, shopping trips or other sight seeing destinations, consider our low cost car rental vehicles to save wear and tear on your own car or truck. We keep our vehicles looking and operating in top condition for your comfort and peace of mind.

Wouldn’t it be nice to stretch out on a bench seat during a long trip? Or what about renting one of our cute but economic friendly cars? Either way, you can be assured your safety and comfort will not be compromised.

COVID-19 Notice: Your health and safety is a priority to us.  We will be offering curbside rentals from Bay Road, Saginaw.