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"I really enjoyed working with Ben, he's an honest business owner who is genuine and sincere. Thank you Bay Cars Rental and Sales!"

Any time of season is a great time to make sure you have a safe and dependable vehicle. That’s why our used car sales lot is perfect for you to browse and pick out your next car or van. We deliver quality vehicles on a budget you can afford.

Some people feel cars that have recalls on them aren’t in drivable condition or safe. However, we work closely with local repair shops that have technicians who are trained and experienced in the automotive industry. They have performed all the necessary updates, repairs, and have fully inspected each vehicle to ensure you are buying a car that is very safe and reliable for any driver.

Although we have some cars and vans that have been updated or repaired, we also have many vehicles in our used car sales department that have low miles on them and are practically in brand new condition. In addition, we have checked and verified all titles to be cleared and ready for ownership.

Check out our gallery of current vehicles for sale on our used car sales lot. Whether you’re looking for a family car, sporty little coupe or a van, Bay Cars Rentals and Sales has a great selection of vehicles waiting for you to test drive.

The safety of you and your family, as well as providing reliable transportation is of the utmost importance to Bay Cars Rentals and Sales. Once you come down to talk with us, you will see for yourself that we are honest, helpful and flexible with most of our inventory. You can count on us to come through for you and your family.